Dorian Morris Adventure is officially out!
This was a couple of months full of ups and downs, but we are delighted with the final result of our work. Dorian Morris Adventure is not only an entertaining experience but also mind training and a powerful dose of practical and useful knowledge in life. This is a big day for whole Forestlight Games...
NEW TRAILER IS RELEASED! Specialist’s Vengeance
The happy life of Olivia – a special effects specialist working in Hollywood on the biggest blockbusters – changes dramatically when killers working for a mighty cartel kill her son and husband. Ethan and George found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. The broken-hearted woman can’t hope the corrupt justice system will...
Dorian Morris Adventure DEMO
Dorian Morris Adventure demo is here >  Now you can solve the first puzzles in Grandfather’s house and discover the First clues about his disappearance. Check it now on Steam and deep down into the world of mystery.
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  • 8 października 2020 – interview
We invite you to an interview with our CEO >
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  • 5 października 2020
Poland in game # 38: Simulations, preproductions, controversies – podcast with our CEO
Polska w grze #38: Symulacje, preprodukcje, kontrowersje
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  • 20 września 2020
Forestlight games on Steam Game Festival 2020
We are honored to announce that three of our upcoming projects will participate in the Steam Game Festival Autumn edition. Players around the world for the first time will be able to try special demo versions of Wedding Designer, Dorian Morris Adventure, and Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women. Steam Game Festival Autumn edition will take...
A country mechanic who’s been scrapping various vehicles, trailers and parts at his place for years. Looking at the market trends, he decides to make millions by turning his trophies into cool campers, dream homes on wheels. Add to Wishlist:
Q2.2020 Forestlight Games Summary
Watch a short film with a quarterly summary of our activities in the second quarter of 2020.  
New Trailer is Released! Dolphin Trainer VR
Become a dolphin trainer. Start training, complete all tasks, obtain certificates and start working in the Dolphinarium. Work, train and play with the dolphins, love them … but also try to free them. AddToWishlist:
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