Wedding Designer – devlog#3
Planning Open air wedding party always check the weather or be prepared and set up Marquee. There Is a lot of hard decisions to make before start of the celebration. addTo wishlist:
The Viking takes one of the well burnt log from a fire. Moving slowly he set another poles with dismembered viking heads on fire. – Ozur… Beiner… Thialfi… Eid… Kollsvein… Geri… Finn… Agnar… March proudly through the gardens of Valhalla, because your bravery and fortitude were equal to none! March proudly, you invincible warriors, to...
Wedding Designer – devLog#2
  All right! We keep on coming up with new crazy wedding spots for you, but maybe you have an even more bold idea? Join the fun and tell us where you would like to organize a wedding party! The best ideas will be implemented into the game! Add to Wishlist:
Lost Viking – devlog#2
Ragnal falls on his knees, seeing what happened to his companions. In his fists, he grabs the soil wet with blood and raises his head towards the sky. His cry is full of despair: “Mighty gods! Why?!! Why did you let my soul suffer this unbearable pain? All of them are gone… My warriors, my...
Wedding Designer – devLog#1
We begin the implementation of our New Year’s resolution – from now on we will keep you updated on our activities! Don’t hesitate to share with us your ideas and comments! We have already done a lot of work, which you will shortly see yourselves! This month, we are polishing all the variety of different...
Lost Viking – devlog#1
Ragnal, a middle-age, robust man lays deeply wounded on the edge of the river. A wolf licks his face. The Viking looms in his sleep: “Tove! Tove! My dearest angel! I will come back… I will come back for you…”. The warrior slowly regains his consciousness. With a wounded hand pushes away his animal friend...
Big Game Conference, the gaming market in Poland
Poland, a country in Central and Eastern Europe without great traditions in creating the global gaming industry, has grown into one of its leaders in the last few years. The great successes of native gamedev studies have contributed to the fact that the phrase „game from Poland” is associated with good production and is almost...
Traditionally, you will be able to meet us at the largest computer, console and multimedia entertainment fair in central and eastern europe. More info here:
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  • 8 października 2019
New Trailer is Released! Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women
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