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We invite you to the premiere preview of our newest game FARM RENOVATOR. The game fits perfectly into the group of simulators-renovators, which are very popular nowadays. It is also the next step in the development of the manufacturer’s portfolio that focuses on this type of games. Wedding Designer, Rollercoaster Mechanic, Lifeguard Simulator and Camper...
Forestlight Games SA na Invest Cuffs 2021! Zapraszamy
Forestlight Games SA na Invest Cuffs 2021! Zapraszamy Invest Cuffs to doroczne spotkanie zrzeszające branżę rynku inwestycyjnego – akcje, waluty, surowce, kryptowaluty, fundusze inwestycyjne. Jest jednym z największych tego typu wydarzeń w Europie. Co roku przyciąga ekspertów, przedstawicieli najważniejszych podmiotów w branży, klientów instytucjonalnych oraz detalicznych. Więcej informacji:
Forestlight Games coraz bliżej debiutu
Epic VR przeniesie do wirtualnej rzeczywistości gry Forestlight Games
Firmy EPIC VR – producent gier VR i zarazem doświadczony Software House VR/AR oraz Forestlight Games – producent gier na PC i konsole łączą siły i zapowiadają szereg wspólnych działań. Epic VR i Forestlight Games łączą siły Na mocy podpisanej umowy Epic VR zaadoptuje wybrane produkcje z portfolio produkcyjnego warszawskiego studia na platformy wirtualnej rzeczywistości....
Coloraid soft launch into Mexico, Poland and Brazil.
Pixel Trapps News! Coloraid soft launch into Mexico, Poland and Brazil. Use colors of shot enemies to get as far as you can against fuel running out. Every time you shoot down enemy plane, all plenes of the color become harmless, which you can use to your advantage.      
’Blind Shot’ trailer officially released
Take on the role of a clumsy commando, sent to fight a zombie horde. Turn-based gameplay, unusual mechanics dependent on your own pace of play. Gameworld and events inspired by a myriad of cult action movie parodies. Die, but take many of those mumbling green dudes with you! Add to Wishlist:
Forestlight games on Steam Game Festival 2020
We are honored to announce that three of our upcoming projects will participate in the Steam Game Festival Autumn edition. Players around the world for the first time will be able to try special demo versions of Wedding Designer, Dorian Morris Adventure, and Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women. Steam Game Festival Autumn edition will take...
A country mechanic who’s been scrapping various vehicles, trailers and parts at his place for years. Looking at the market trends, he decides to make millions by turning his trophies into cool campers, dream homes on wheels. Add to Wishlist:
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