We invite you to the premiere preview of our newest game FARM RENOVATOR.

The game fits perfectly into the group of simulators-renovators, which are very popular nowadays. It is also the next step in the development of the manufacturer’s portfolio that focuses on this type of games. Wedding Designer, Rollercoaster Mechanic, Lifeguard Simulator and Camper Flipper are already available.

A player buys a destroyed farm and restores it to make it look great again. The player needs to clean, repair, restore and keep improving this place. The player has to renovate machines, manage the farm, look after animals by selecting the proper development strategy.

In order to be successful, players will not only have to rebuild the abandoned place, but also renovate the machines and vehicles useful on the farm and run the farm. All this need to be done to be able to produce and bring profits. The money earned from the sale of crops and products will be indispensable for further work regarding restoration, expansion and development. Creativity is also what matters in the game because we will be able to decide what our farm should look like and determine the direction of business development.

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