Your car rental company is located near the legendary Route 66. This may be due to recent developments, but you will need to tailor your offers to customer requirements. This place is so attractive that you will have to face the competition.

Working on the most famous route of the world, you have the opportunity to meet extraordinary people every day. At the same time, we remember that with such business potential, the perspective of great profit does not interfere with your daily tasks. Buy new cars and old classics, repair, upgrade, service, adapt to the customer’s expectations. Thanks to the profit you will be able to expand your business.

As a former mechanic and future head of a large rental company, you will be able to «repair cars after being used by a customer». Prepare cars for different occasions, offer passenger cars, motorhomes and limousines, sports cars or classics for rent. Reach the client-with different tastes and expectations. You are restricted only by your imagination and motivation to work.

Working at Route 66 you can’t get bored. Run a small shop next to the rental shop, you will attract many interesting people to this place, you will experience difficult and pleasant moments. The cars that you allow for rental will live through a number of adventures with their users. You have to face unexpected situations, and you can not only sell, but also buy something with a discount.

Car Rental Simulator is a game that for a long time will fall in your memory. You will have a lot of interaction with characteristic characters who will develop along with the story and your rental shop. Have fun « during the numerous mini games that will allow you to feel the climate of the United States and break away« from everyday tasks. Learn the secrets of the beautiful Route 66.

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