Specialist’s Vengeance

About Specialist’s Vengeance

The happy life of Olivia – a special effects specialist working in Hollywood on the biggest blockbusters – changes dramatically when killers working for a mighty cartel kill her son and husband. Ethan and George found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. The broken-hearted woman can’t hope the corrupt justice system will help her, so she decides to take the matters into her own hands. She’s focused, methodical, doesn’t have anything to lose, so she begins her vendetta.

Take advantage of your test base and experience, combine various substances, make bombs, connect the electronics, hide the explosives in inconspicuous objects and in places which aren’t obvious ones.

Place the explosives in various locations at your base, check their firepower on cars, barrels, mannequins and any other types of equipment.

Each attack must be planned carefully. Check the surroundings, the layout of the buildings. When doing your analysis, don’t forget about the security, the cameras, the dogs, or the police patrols.

Creep around, think creatively and out of the box. Use cameras, drones, or any other spying devices. Enjoy the taste of revenge.

Here’s the most important thing! Try to be invisible, watch out for the cartel soldiers, they’re dangerous, ruthless, and they want to hunt you down. Oh, and don’t let the police catch you as well!

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