THE POPE: Power&Sin

About THE POPE: Power&Sin

The Pope: Power & Sin is a game inspired by the life of Rodrigo de Borja, who served as the pope in 1492-1503, as Alexander VI.

Take on the role of the Pope, strengthen the authority of the Church State, fight for spiritual and political independence from pagans and the renewal of administrative church structures. The rule of Alexander VI is a torrent of numerous scandals, excesses and signs of moral corruption in the highest authorities of the Church.

Difficult times require quick, often violent decisions. Eliminate heretics who undermine your holiness.

Unite Italy, expand territory of your power, collect taxes and obtain riches.

Politics don’t always have to be clean; you don’t have to get along with everyone. Remember that you have God on your side, so any decision can be right.

Collect information. Any place is good, Vatican corridors or even a confessional. Many want the power, they want to be in your place.

Manage subordinates and, above all, take care of the family.  Give them high positions and secure their future.

There is unlimited power in your hands, you are God’s representative on Earth.

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