Lost Viking – devlog#2

Ragnal falls on his knees, seeing what happened to his companions. In his fists, he grabs the soil wet with blood and raises his head towards the sky. His cry is full of despair:

“Mighty gods! Why?!! Why did you let my soul suffer this unbearable pain? All of them are gone… My warriors, my companions, my brothers, I swear to you, your death will be avenged!”.

The Viking gaze falls on a gold-green ribbon fastened to one of the sticks, that is waving in the wind. A tear runs down the warrior’s cheek.

“Where are you, my brightest sunshine? Are you already by the gates of Valhalla? Or surrounded by these doomed knaves? Either way, I will join you soon!”


Ragnal, the mighty viking warrior, now has more terrain to explore! But some areas are inhabited with hostile natives that he needs to avoid – he still is not fully recovered after the attack. In the area, he needs to find a way to get to the other side from where the attack took place.
Somehow he manages to get to the other side and finds himself lost. After searching for the correct path he finally gets to the spot where his newly found enemy had set up a camp and kept their captives – Ragnald’s friends.

That’s not all. There’s still more to travel through before our hero finds his lost love.


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