Wedding Designer – devLog#1

We begin the implementation of our New Year’s resolution – from now on we will keep you updated on our activities! Don’t hesitate to share with us your ideas and comments!

We have already done a lot of work, which you will shortly see yourselves!

This month, we are polishing all the variety of different decorations. Until now, our activities took place only in one location, but we are already creating new amazing spots, full of spectacular challenges.

Young couples who employ us to organize their dream wedding have more and more extraordinary ideas in their minds and they’re choosing some really bizarre locations.

We’ve added extended decorating mechanics and several new types of them. .g. Benches, chairs, doors, suspended from the ceiling, hanging on the wall, or free-standing. You can buy decorations in the store or create them yourself from found items.

At the current, early stage of production Wedding Designer you can explore first location – abandoned chapel. Cleaning, rearranging furniture and other objects, washing walls, we have everything ready.

Don’t worry… We’ll make it work!

See you next time!

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