Lost Viking – devlog#1

Ragnal, a middle-age, robust man lays deeply wounded on the edge of the river. A wolf licks his face. The Viking looms in his sleep:

“Tove! Tove! My dearest angel! I will come back… I will come back for you…”.

The warrior slowly regains his consciousness. With a wounded hand pushes away his animal friend and sits up with a grimace of pain. He turns his head around and speaks more to himself then his loyal follower:

“She’s gone, my friend… Our queen is taken away and my soul is bleeding far more than these wounds. I’d prefer to suffer a thousand deaths than to see her gone…”

However, he’s seriously injured, he managed to stand up. Looks in the sky and with clenched fist vows:

“Almighty gods! Have mercy on me… and let me fight her back!”

In this adventure game, the player takes control over a Viking – Ragnald. His definitive goal is to free his significant other from enslavement. But first, he needs to find her on unknown lands. With help comes his animal friend – grey wolf Raga.

At the current, early stage of production Ragnal can explore riverbank on which he and his tribe were sneakily attacked and almost totally annihilated. Along the way, he finds some useful stuff that can help him survive in the wilds. That’s how the story begins.

Stay tuned for more news and plots that we plan to upload on a regular basis.

Vér sjáumst!

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